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We wouldn’t need solutions if there weren’t problems.

The communication revolution allows instantaneous phone, fax, and Internet connection to almost any country in the world. Electronic transference of funds occurs at a dizzying rate. The average person can today accomplish intercontinental transactions that seemed cumbersome and complicated only a decade ago. Yet these same scientific advancements that increase productivity and provide convenience have also invaded our private lives at every turn.

Between banks, merchants, and credit card companies, computers track our every purchase, deposit, and withdrawal, providing detailed profiles of our private lives, much of which is analyzed, profiled, and sold to marketers. United States’ bank’s policies will astound the uninformed. A simple review of your bank’s policies will astound the uninformed. Some banks even sell their customers’ confidential financial information, including account numbers. Armed with a Social Security number and a little Internet savvy, an average investigator can unearth virtually all of your private financial life. Consider all the information you have divulged on credit and loan applications over the years. Identities are stolen; scams perpetrated, and unscrupulous attorneys can assess the depth of your pockets for pending lawsuits. If that isn’t enough, there are numerous federal agencies whose sole purpose is to track, compile, dissect, and analyze your financial activities, all under the guise of national security, fighting terrorism, money laundering, or anti-drug laws. Several cash withdrawals in succession can be assessed as “structuring,” and property is seized upon mere suspicion, with the burden on the property owner to prove his or her innocence.

A Global Presence-Offshore

Welcome to a world of "offshore" strategies that can reclaim your right to financial privacy and prosperity. For decades, the very rich have utilized offshore vehicles to protect their wealth and assets from excessive taxation, frivolous lawsuits, ruinous divorces, and unreasonable estate taxes. Though most people believe that these strategies are only reserved for those with great fortunes, these vehicles are no longer the exclusive domains of the very rich. For an affordable price, nearly anyone can employ these sophisticated techniques so they too can enjoy privacy and financial freedom.

What is "offshore?" Technically speaking offshore is any jurisdiction that is legally distinct and uncontrollable by your country of domicile. It is not restricted to countries separated by an ocean. Mexico and Canada are legally “offshore” in relationship to the United States. But going offshore is only one aspect of an international presence. One must select a country whose local laws are favorable to their goals. For some, the more conservative countries of Switzerland or Liechtenstein will better serve them. For others, the younger, and older well established banking countries in Europe have created attractive and liberal financial environments by aggressively vying for international monies. The choice will depend upon the level of privacy desired, banking needs, and personal preferences. While it may never be necessary to visit the country in which you bank, if and when you did, would you rather visit Antigua, Latvia, Switzerland or Hong Kong?

With the global economy already upon us, offshore banking is almost as convenient as visiting your local bank. Most foreign banks have officers that speak fluent English, and most are modern and efficient with more options than are available in the United States. Thanks to increased and improved communication tools such as secure Internet software and handheld digital devices, one can conduct banking business from almost anywhere in the world.


The Benefits of Utilizing a Foreign Company

The main advantage of establishing offshore corporations, bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, and brokerage accounts is to set them up in jurisdictions that guarantee absolute confidentiality, privacy and minimal taxes. Business affairs conducted from low tax countries are not subject to scrutiny from your home country government agencies and are not accessible to competitors, ex-spouses, relatives, lawyers or investigators. You may conduct affairs away from prying eyes, which is only possible in qualified offshore jurisdictions with structures that keep your identity private and secure.

Many countries have created banking industries to attract foreign money, and for many, these businesses have become the lifeblood of those countries’ economies. To protect this influx of business, many countries have enacted strong laws to provide complete secrecy of bank client information and activities. Violations of client privacy can result in stiff fines and imprisonment. As low tax countries and financial centers, these governments earn millions on the cumulative totals from the modest annual corporate fees, and it is in their best interest to protect the privacy of their banks’ clients.

With the ever-increasing levels of onshore taxation, it is becoming more difficult to put sufficient money aside for retirement and almost impossible to pass hard earned assets to heirs without significant tax and inflation erosion.

Investments in tax-free environment are growing much faster when the interest compounds without a heavy tax burden. Properly established, you can substantially multiply your current wealth and leave assets or money to your heirs without any legal hassles, wills, estate taxes or lawyers fees.

For those with several million dollar to place offshore and the ability to pay exorbitant legal fees, international structuring has always been easy, but in today’s economic and political environment, if you have as little as $20,000.00 to protect, you should seriously consider going offshore. It is economical, easy, and low maintenance. You only need to do it once. After that, assets held safely offshore will benefit you and your heirs for generations to come.


The Changing Landscape of Offshore Banking

In an effort to stem the ever-increasing flow of US flight capital escaping offshore, the United States has pressured countries around the world to “cooperate,” and very few have withstood the pressure. Many have signed the Mutual League Assistance Treaty, (“MLAT’) with the U.S. and Canada. MLAT requires cooperation in the investigation and prosecution of, and the providing of information regarding, certain criminal activities, including fraud, drug trafficking, and laundering money. While MLAT does not cover offenses that are purely tax related, it is very broad in regard to the exchange of information concerning “fraud”, “laundering”, and “violations of law relating to financial transactions.”

Keep in mind that every bank on earth is dependent upon the worldwide banking system and large correspondent banks to move money from one jurisdiction to another. If a bank or country falls into complete disfavor, their banking options could be substantially damaged, and they could no longer draw customers. There are very few countries favorable to the western world that have not signed an MLAT with the United States.

In addition, Europe has unified into one huge economic force – the European Union, where financial borders have been compromised, and countries that once stood as private banking fortresses have weakened their once impervious jurisdictional shield. Even some of the old vanguards like Austria have lost their privacy and independence by joining the European Union. Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Isle of Man, and Montenegro are some of the few remaining European holdouts.

Understanding “Domestic”, “International”, and “Offshore”

The differences between domestic and foreign are sometimes confusing. When we speak in terms of domestic being within the United States and international being outside those borders, the shoreline has no bearing on the discussion. We think of international as outside the borders of the United States. Offshore is international and yet, Mexico and Canada are offshore, and there is no water between them, and Hawaii is on shore, yet there is half an ocean between the mainland.

When Your Influence is Preferable to Ownership

It is possible to structure an IBC in such a way that you are not listed as a director or stockholder. Instead, the role is in a “powerful position of influence” on the boards of several different entities, he or she is in a position to move money between those several entities. Money is best moved on the backs of product, service or interest.

Use of Business or Tax Havens – Why and for How Long

As long as free people in a civilized world can do business with each there will be a need for, and provision made for, low-tax or tax-free business havens. Also, one has to look at the foreign investment in the United States. Foreign nationals have been buying big portions of U.S. assets. This is an important element of international currency exchange.

How to be a Multi-National Investor

There is nothing inherent in the laws of business that says only “big business” can be multi-national. It is possible for a small, private business to be multi-national as well. Size is not the determining factor. It is possible to live in one country, bank in a second country, work in a third country, and invest in other countries. Americans and Canadians always have believed that the sun rises in the Atlantic and sets in the Pacific, and that the rest of the world had not yet been discovered. They always have wondered how the rest of the world lives in darkness.

It is hard for them to accept the fact that 77% of world commerce is outside the United States and Canada.

Much of it is sold to Americans and Canadians. For instance, they woke up this morning to the sounds of a Korean alarm clock, ground some Columbian coffee in their German Krups coffee grinder, read the paper printed on Canadian paper pulp with Korean ink, got in their Japanese car, worked all day on their Japanese clone of a IBM computer and ended the day with a little Irish whiskey…

A lot of today’s IBC’s profits were made on Americans and Canadians. Through the effective use of New Market Resources Ltd strategies, you can now share in that profit.

No Annual Tax Returns are Required and Company is Exempt from any Taxes

The minimum number of shareholders is one, and New Market Resource Ltd’s strategy facilitates the holder of shares. All issued shares must be paid for in full. The Company must maintain a register of members at the registered office although this information is not available to the public. The Company is not required to file accounts nor file any annual returns.

The Company is totally exempt from any form of government taxes but is required to pay an annual license fee. New Market Resource Ltd notifies the client well in advance of the due date of the renewal.

Subject to the Memorandum and Articles of Association, the Directors may hold meetings in any country and there is no requirement for an Annual General Meeting. New Market Resource Ltd arranges for the meetings, if necessary.

A World of Benefits Awaits Those Who Want to be Free Financially

Freedom isn’t free. Our freedom to simply be left alone to save and spend our own money as we choose has been seriously eroded. We must not be ashamed to vigorously exert our right to privacy.

What is the Answer?

Others, namely bankers, attorneys and insurance companies, to serve their own self-interests, have always been attempting to convince and persuade you that either there is nothing legally you can do or that you do not have the right to look elsewhere to protect your assets. All of their persuasion is done in the context of domestic planning, if any kind of planning at all. And, that means staying within the domestic system. By doing so, you never will win anything and never get anywhere.

The attorneys, bankers and insurance companies know that once you ever learn the “key” to international opportunities and procedures, and once you have established your very first off-shore connection, they will have lost you as a client along with many future dollars in services.

There is no need to allow continued intrusion into your private financial affairs. You can achieve privacy by using a method, which has been used by others since the early 1400s to guarantee their privacy. With a NEW MARKET RESOURCES LTD program you can move yourself into a new jurisdiction.

Use of Internationally-Based Corporations

Whereas each individual case will depend upon a client’s specific circumstances, the use of an offshore company can potentially lead to the following specific benefits:
  • Greater Privacy
  • Greater confidentiality
  • Influence assets without ownership
  • No public record
  • Title can be passed on to heirs in complete secrecy
  • The IBC is perpetual and lives on continuously
  • Protection from “the system” (bankers, lawyers & insurance companies)
  • Peace of mind
  • All assets protected 100%
  • Currency diversification

New Market Resources Ltd --- Your Expeditor

It is the hope of New Market Resources Ltd that after visiting this website, you will be better informed about Internationally-Based Corporations (IBCs), thereby allowing you to diversify into the global banking communities. If you are ready and wish to take advantage of the services offered, New Market Resources Ltd stands ready to assist you. The complete package facilitates the opening of an offshore bank account in a country where secrecy is the law in an expeditious and private manner.

Please contact us today.
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